S1E2 -Fuck Humans Episode 2

4 years ago

Transcript: https://fhpodcast.wixsite.com/fhpod/transcripts

Icon by [Interkoarts] (https://twitter.com/interkosart)(https://twitter.com/interkosart)

Site: (https://fhpodcast.wixsite.com/fhpod)

CW: Vaginal Sex, Cunnilingus, fingering


Angel was voiced by Ben Russel

Bask by The Monster Boyfriend (twitter.com/MonsterBoyo)

Vesta by Aero Buddy(twitter.com/aero_buddy)

Cheri by Sun Lily

Queen Imani by Forenza Audio(twitter.com/ForenzaAsmr)

Daphne by [Jessica Bourdeau] (https://www.jessboudreau.com/)(https://www.jessboudreau.com/)

Lyric by Vyn Vox (https://twitter.com/VynVoxVa)

Written & Sound Designed by Chelsea Chelsey

Music used in this ep was Attack by Roll for Fantasy and Constellations by Chill Purpose Street Market Ambience by Sword Coast Soundscapes Unchartered by Taomito

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