Level Up

4 years ago

We're looking at another late episode. So while you wait for the next ep of Fuck Humans, here is an unrelated minisode to keep you occupied.

CW: Tentacles, Handjob, Sounding, Anal, Double Penetration

Transcript: https://fhpodcast.wixsite.com/fhpod/transcripts

Site: https://fhpodcast.wixsite.com/fhpod

‘Main Character’ was Kink Radio (https://twitter.com/Kinkradiolive)

Voiceover & NPC was Forenza Audio (https://twitter.com/ForenzaAudio)

Artwork by Jo Crimes (https://twitter.com/jo_crimes)

Music heard in this was

Dream by El-Corleo

Defense Line by DL Sounds


Magic Tales by Kim Lightyear

Siren in The Darkness by the Cynic Project

Written and Sound Designed by Chelsea

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