S1E4 -Fuck Humans Episode 4

4 years ago

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CW: Sucking noise, Blowjob, Handjob

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Bask was voice by The Monster Boyfriend (https://twitter.com/MonsterBoyo)

Angel was voiced by Ben Russel

Cheri by Sun Lily

Vesta by Aero_buddy (https://twitter.com/aero_buddy)

Bee by Dallas Wheatley (https://twitter.com/swheatpodcasts)

Afisa #1 and #2 voiced by Tal Minear and Brandon Jenkins (https://twitter.com/bpjenkin123088)

The Waiter by Amethyst Ocean

Written & Sound Designed by Chelsea Chelsey

Music used in this ep was Points in Time by Chill Purpose, Tafi Maradi by Kevin MacLeod, & Uncharted by Taomito

Bar Ambience by Sword Coast Soundscapes

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